About the company


LABARA CABLES s.r.o. was estabilished in 2009 as a sister company to LABARA s.r.o. The main company activity is wholesaling of complete cable and cord solutions.

We are exclusive cables distributors to producer PA ENERGOKOMPLEKT in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We continuously seek on a products quality improvement together with our partners. Ourproducts are certified according to customers requirements by VDE, IEC, ČSN, GOST etc. Except our parent producer, we buy other cables and cords from others foreign and Czech producers.

Our customer service and company management system is certified according to system ISO 9001:2001, ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009.


The history of ENERGOKOMPLEKT started in 1992, initially as a production and installation company. In 1997 as limited liability company Production Associantion Energocomplekt starts its functioning (launched) in the Belarusian city Vitebsk where it was initiated cable´s production. In and machine facilities. Currently, our plants have about 600 employees. Nowdays, with 4 production plants is the largest enterprise in The Republic of Belarus in the sphere of cables and wires production.

The production is in accordance with European and international standards, the products quality is guaranteed by ISO, GOST, VDE certificates.
Energocomplekt became a co-owner of company LABARA CABLES s.r.o. in 2009 which is exclusive supplier of all assortment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.