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Conductor material:
bare copper
Conductor construction:
solid, class 1
cross-linked PE, extruded or wrapped fire barrier
Sheathing material:
HFFR compound
Test voltage:
1000 V
Max. operating temperature:
90 °C
Min. operating temperature:
-30 °C
Flame spread resistance:
ČSN EN 50266-2-2
Smoke density:
ČSN-EN 61034-2
Gasses corrosivity:
ČSN EN 50267
Allowed core temperature:
90 °C
Bending radius:
7,5 x D
Operational voltage:
100 V
Isolation integrity:
ČSN- IEC 60331-23
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Hospitals, hotels, airports, power plants, refineries, underground. Cable is suitable for devices interconnecting and its units. For communication and safety appliances especially for fire alarm systems. This cable is suitable for applications requiring min. isolation integrity for 180 minutes in fire.
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