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Conductor material:
bare copper
Conductor construction:
stranded, class 5
HFFR compound
Sheathing material:
HFFR compound
Test voltage:
4 kV
Flame retardant:
EN 60331-1-2
Max. operating temperature:
90 °C
Min. operating temperature:
-30 °C
Flame spread resistance:
ČSN EN 50266-2-2
Smoke density:
ČSN EN 50268, (61034-2)
Allowed core temperature:
90 °C
Bending radius:
10 x D
Operational voltage:
0,6/1 kV
Isolation integrity:
ČSN IEC 60331-21
Supplementary insulation:
glass/mica tape
Gasses corrosivity:
EN 50267
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Hospitals, hotels, airports, power plants, refineries, underground. Cable is suitable for areas with a higher risk of fire and for places with a higher people concentration and with expensive equipment. Conductor is a halogen free modification of PVC conductors H07V-K, H07VV-F. This cable is suitable for applications requiring min. isolation integrity for 180 minutes in fire.  
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